How It All Started | Sinath & Phu's Wedding

Video By: Lovely Valentine

Sinath and Phu's wedding will always have a special place in my heart. I've never been one to be emotional over anything, but I still can't help to get all the feels when I think back to this day or rather, weeks leading up to it.

Sinath and I became social media friends after secretly admiring each other's love for none other than food. At this time, floral arranging was just a hobby of mine, usually to help my guy friends get out of dog houses. Unbeknownst to me, this pastime would soon open doors to many new friendships and opportunities to pursue my passion in floral designs.

Phu made Sinath (and I) the happiest when he proposed around Christmas of 2013. Sinath jokingly asked if I would accept the honors of designing the floral decor of her big day. I've reassured her that I have absolutely zero experience in wedding floristry but with some truth in every joke, Sinath and Phu placed their faith in me to carry out their dream wedding in May, 2015.

And as most would say it, "the rest is history"!

Photos by: Kelly Dillon Photography

Ceremony Venue: Lombardo's Reception Venue: Artists for Humanity


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